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The Power of Online Courses and Understanding Your Numbers

The Power of Online Courses and Understanding Your Numbers

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In Episode 9 of The Femme and Fierce Podcast, Tonya chats with Passive Income Expert, Sarah King.

Sarah King, co-founder (along with her husband, Dillon) of withthekings.com, is a passive income expert. By creating and selling courses, Sarah and her husband have made over a million dollars in sales while working less than 5 hours/week! As a mom of (almost) 4 kids under 4, Sarah is so thankful for her business, because it has allowed her husband to leave his 9-5 job, and has given her the freedom to be a fully present mom while still making an impact in the world as an entrepreneur.

After experiencing this success, Dillon and Sarah have become committed to supporting others in creating + selling their own courses. Dillon and Sarah believe that everyone knows something that others would pay to learn. Their signature program, Launch, helps entrepreneurs find "their thing" and monetize that knowledge through their own online course. Dillon and Sarah have made it their goal to remove the mystery of making money online. They believe anyone who is willing to work hard for a freedom lifestyle, should have the tools to make it happen.


It kinda feels like I peeked, it feels like I made it, I’ve done it, I’ve got a 7 Figure Company that’s running on auto-pilot, I work less than 5 hours a week on it, I am like woah... there can’t possibly be anything more for me, I must of peaked... but then just challenging myself, and pushing myself and constantly asking what’s next, what more can I do, how can I create a bigger impact, a deeper impact, how can I change more lives and change them in a deeper way? Always believing there is more.
— Sarah King, Passive Income Expert


  • Why she shifted her focus from one on one coaching to passive income

  • How she found enough belief in herself and her business to make the promise to retire her husband from corporate

  • The beliefs she’s had to change over the course of time to get to where she is today

  • How she’s handled the “haters” online + stayed true to her vision

  • How she’s built a 7 Figure Business without posting on Social Media (or very little)

  • The decision and fears behind closing the doors to her original company (Simply Sarah King) to start up another company alongside her husband (withthekings.com)

  • and so much more!



Learn more about their business model (including a detailed financial breakdown) in their free video series. Get their free video series here: http://withthekings.com/podcastgift

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